Launch Event

Officially Launching in the USA

Koch-Chemie (USA) LLC is pleased to announce our official launch and headquarters in North America. In doing so we have put together an incredible event so that you may gain the full experience of Koch-Chemie and see a little bit of what is to come.

Join us at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, Georgia as well as The Dahlonega Resort and Vinceyard for product discussions, hands on demonstration opportunities, karting and more.

This is the private event that requires registration and you may qualify for benefits such as:

  • Product rebate on opening order
  • Free hotel
  • Free meals

These benefits and any others to be approved prior to the event by Koch-Chemie (USA) LLC.

Schedule for the Koch-Chemie Launch Event

Monday November, 16th, Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard
6:00 pm – Wine Tasting (Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard)
7:00 pm – Join the Koch-Chemie team for dinner (Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard)

Tuesday November, 17th, Atlanta Motorsports Park
8:30 am – Breakfast (AMP – Gathering Area)
9:15 am – Welcome (AMP – Classroom)
9:30 am – Koch-Chemie USA Presentation (AMP – Classroom)
10:00 am – Technical Product Presentation (AMP – Classroom)
10:30 am – Hands on Product Demos (AMP – Koch-Chemie Garage)
12:30 pm – Lunch (AMP – Gathering Area)
1:30 pm – Karting (AMP – Kart Track)
5:00 pm – Networking